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ECS Anadolu A.S. - Our Company

As ECS Anadolu A.S; we combine our experience and professional service by adhering reliability, accuracy and privacy values.

Our company operates in Telecommunications, Energy, Electronics, Software Solutions and Consulting industries. We also import & export goods around the world and our company takes an important place in this field.

After conducting a research we found that there is a need for a quality of wood and timber and  noticed that South America hosts a rich nature which 80% of its area consist of Tropical Wood. South American rainforest is a region where the world's highest quality trees. Rainforests are unbeatable rich reserves and sustainable forest policy.

To supply quality wood and timber from South Ameroca, ECS Anadolu A.S has signed agreements with reputable partners in South America. Our company supplies wood logs as well as to timber for furniture,  construction, shipbuilding, upholstery, carpentry and so on.

As ECS Anadolu A.S., our primary goal will be to continue to serve you with fastest and best way by following  the new trends in the trade.